Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some fun vids of the kids.

This is Mackenzie getting ready for her 2nd birthday party.  She helped mom put the icing on the cupcakes.  I love this video because Mackenzie has to work really hard to get her fingers to hold up just two.  She is so fun and such a joy to us in our lives.

Lila is getting so big.  She is lifting herself up on her hands and toes. (So strong) She likes to sit with us and make fun noises.  Again, soooooo cute!!! We love each day we have with her.  We truly are so blessed.  

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David and Tia Palmer said...

Such cute little chickies! And fun videos too! It was SO great to see you last weekend! Sorry about the awkward phone message & that we didn't get to see you longer-we really need to plan something next time! Love ya Cuz! Tia