Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mark Mitchell!!!

Mr Mark Mitchell an old college buddy came into town from St. George Utah and so what did we do? ...of course threw a party!!! Here we are...part of the original H.M.W.H.C.
Wendy recently went to a friends wedding reception and was so excited because the girls had coordinating outfits. Cute!!
Here is Tren Austin, he's 6. He really wanted his dad to push him on our rope swing...and to the right was his sister Shea who really wanted a turn too.
Garen and Trent Austin. Two Pees in a pod!
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Sandra Thomas said...

what does H.M.W.H.C. stand for?

camilla said...

how come when we come visit we don't get a blog post that says JOHN AND CAMILLA!
my feelings are hurt...