Friday, December 26, 2008

Its been awhile so here are a lot of pictures of our goings on

Christmas Lights at the Mesa Temple
it was raining but that didn't stop us, it made the night extra special. There were hardly any people there so it was worth it.

For Christmas this year Wendy got a new sewing machine. I made her follow a treasure hunt that took us all over the house, then to cold stone for ice cream. The clues then led us to Wendy's parents where, after deciphering the final clues she found the machine behind the couch. She was very excited!!

Mackenzie looks just like Boo from Monsters Inc. here.

Palmer family Christmas
My nephew Connor and Mackenzie

Wow!! Wendy totally surprised me and got me a R/C Helicopter for Christmas. Thanks Wendy it was a great present!!


Sandra Thomas said...

you look more excited than mackenzie does for christmas!

Sandra Thomas said...

oh and i was there for that whole sewing machine incident....what a night....

Chad said...

Sweet, you got a helicopter! you should bring it to work and we can fly it around the conference room. ;)