Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lila Eve Millar

  Our little chunky monkey
 Lila Eve
  Mackenzie was not really impressed.
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CamilleJohnFam said...

What a beautiful baby! (Both of them)...I'm glad I live close to see them for real!

Gav & Bec - said...

Hi to the Millar Family!!! We don't know each other but I stumbled across your page by accident this morning due to your beautiful daughter Lila Eve. My wife & I were blessed with our first children, twin girls, on 19th August this year (would have been september although the girls were 4 week premmie) one of which is named Lila Eve (her sister is Ella Dawn). I just thought it was totally amazing that two beautiful baby girls with a rather unique name were born so close together yet quite probably so far away (we're from Queensland, Australia) & even have the same 3 initials. Unbelievable!!! Peace, love & happiness to you all!!! The Moss Family