Monday, May 12, 2008

Little bit of fun with Mackenzie

I love you accessorize! My glasses match my shorts and I love it!
Too cool for school. A family that wears their shades together, stays together.
Mackenzie sure loves chocolate pudding! Just like her Daddy!


Jenn and Tyler said...

Hey Justin! Sorry for the forever long in getting back reply haha but ya you totally need to read the books they are fantastic! I trying to get Tyler to read them but I am not holding my breath..haha he won't even read Harry Potter. They are more romanticish but she is an amzing writer so I think you will like them. By the way Mackenzie is getting so big! and she is so dang cute!

Tyler said...


Mary Ann & Joe Mackey said...

Shades together, stays together...I love it!!